About me

I approached Reiki in 2012, when every aspect of my life went through a deep crisis.

From the initial Reiki treatment I received, I embarked on a self-discovery and healing journey which led me step by step to becoming a Reiki therapist. 

As Reiki helped me to heal and balance myself and my energies while re-shaping each and every aspect of my life, I know it can help you in any area you may find yourself struggling.

Being a firsthand witness of the healing power of Reiki, I made it my mission to channel its energy to those in need.

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“I had just lost my mum and before Kiara started her sessions, my dad also passed away. I was under shock, paralysed by fear of the future and simply lost, unable to deal with the simple tasks in life. Kiara was in LA and I, in London, UK. This proved beneficial because, Kiara explained, it is best to send this universal energy when the patient is most relaxed. And in my case, I was asleep when she sent me energy. I can clearly remember when 48 hours after Kiara's first session, I became clearly conscious of feeling much better. I felt lighter in my heart, I could breathe better, I was calmer, I had stopped crying all day, every day. I will remember this moment forever, so revealing and happy it was. The sadness never goes, but from then, I really had the energy and strength to go about life and get it back on track. Kiara is amazing, frankly and I hope I did not drain her too much! She gave me lots of advice on how to cope from day start, deal with traumas, oils to use for my moods, and lots of love. She is very talented. Thank you forever! "
Cathy W
United Kingdom
“I was suffering from paroxysmal vertigo for 3 months. This prevented me from doing anything throughout my day: I couldn't drive, I couldn't walk outside, I couldn't even put my shoes on without losing my balance or even turn in my bed at night. After going to the doctor twice and getting an MRI with no results, I tried with Reiki. I'm based in Italy, and Kiara is in Los Angeles, so she sends energy when I'm going to sleep. The day after her first treatment I didn't have any vertigo all day and I felt very relaxed. After a couple of treatments my condition got incredibly better, and most of my days are now vertigo free. I’m so grateful to Kiara and her energy for the healing she's providing, she is incredibly gifted.”
E. L.

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